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Can my life insurance proposal be rejected because of my health condition?

Your proposal might be cancelled or rejected based on the severity of your health condition. In some rare cases, the acceptance of proposal might be postponed due to the fact that the severity of your present health condition does not allow us to offer the cover. But after a certain period you can re apply with the latest investigation / medical reports and we will re-evaluate your proposal based on the same. However, once a proposal has been accepted, an insurance policy is not cancelled due to ill-health of a life insured.

How can I send KYC and Income documents or even my earlier medical reports, required by SBI Life?

After successful payment, kindly submit the required KYC and underwriting documents through any of the options for submission mentioned below:
Scan and upload (Upload .jpg, .tiff or .pdf. Please ensure that the file is within the upper limit 1MB per upload file size)
Scan and Email (
Submit / Courier the hard copies to the nearest branch for scan / upload
To locate our nearest branch, kindly go to the 'Branch Locator' given on our website or click on the below link and follow the instructions.

You can also send it through courier to "The Manager (Underwriting),
SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd.,
2nd Floor, Kapas Bhavan, Plot No.3,
Sector No. 10,
CBD Belapur,
Navi Mumbai - 400 614".

Please do ensure that you highlight your Transaction ID or SBI Life - eShield Term Plan Proposal Number along with the document(s) sent.

Why are additional questionnaires sent to me? What should I do?

We may require additional information in some aspects based on your proposal form. We could also need to ascertain additional information regarding the occupation or the condition of the ailment which you have disclosed in the proposal form or before the medical examiner during the insurance medical exam. The duly filled, signed and dated questionnaire has to be sent to us through email, from the email ID registered with us on your proposal form, or you can submit it at the nearest SBI Life branch.

Do I have to undergo medical tests before enrolling for SBI Life - eShield?

The medical and other requirements are determined based on the age, Sum Assured, term and details provided by you in the electronic proposal form. This is based on our underwriting guidelines and internal requirements. The medicals are fixed in advance through a prior appointment as per your convenience.

What is the process to undergo medical examination?

A third party representative / service provider authorised by SBI Life will contact you and schedule an appointment. You can specify the time, date and the location, out of the available options, as per your convenience.

Do I have to pay for the medical test(s)?

You need not pay for the medical test(s) required by SBI Life. These costs will be borne by SBI Life.

What are the medical tests that I need to undergo?

In accordance with the underwriting requirements of the proposal for insurance, if required, you may be required to undergo routine medical exam(s) which could include a review of your medical history, the names of doctors you've seen, when you consulted them, and any treatment recommended. Also, a basic physical exam (height, weight, blood pressure, pulse) may be conducted and a urine specimen and blood work may also be taken. We could also require EKGs or treadmill EKGs (stress tests) as per our underwriting requirement for this policy. A licensed paramedical examiner (often an independent contractor) associated with our Third Party Administrator may conduct the exam.

How long will it take to complete all the medical test(s)?

The test(s) could be completed within 30 minutes.

What questions pertaining to medical history will be asked?

The examiner could ask questions regarding pre-existing or previous medical conditions, surgeries, medications, or other treatments you may have had. The examiner could also ask the names and addresses of physicians and / or hospitals that have treated you. You may choose to keep this information handy in advance, to save time during the exam.

Can I get a copy of my medical reports?

In normal practice a copy of the reports is not be handed over to you. However, You can request for the copy by sending an email (from email ID registered with us through your proposal) or by written request to us. The copy will be sent to you once a final decision on the policy is taken by SBI Life.

How should I prepare for the medical examination? Are there any suggested Dos and Don'ts?

To obtain the best possible results from your life insurance medical exam, we would like to highlight and suggest the following:
Wearing short-sleeved garments or garments with sleeves that easily roll-up are suggested to ease the process for medical examination.
Try to fast for atleast eight hours before your exam (12 hours is preferred). You can drink water.
The best time to do your exam is in the morning. If a weekday is not convenient, check with your examiner to see if you can arrange an appointment for Saturday or Sunday.
Drink a glass of water an hour or so before the exam to facilitate obtaining a urine specimen.
Avoid coffee, soda, tea or other products with caffeine for several hours before the exam.
Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco for at least one hour prior to your scheduled appointment.
Avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours prior to the exam.
Avoid nasal decongestants.
If you require a large blood pressure cuff, let the examiner know prior to the appointment.
It is advised to have adequate sleep and good night’s rest before the medical exam.
Schedule the appointment for the least stressful time of the day.
Have your photo identification available.
Do not engage in strenuous exercise for 24 hours before the exam.
Prepare in advance for questions regarding medical conditions, surgeries, medications, or other treatments you may have had. The examiner will also ask you for the names and addresses of physicians and / or hospitals that have treated you.

Would I be required to upload my medical reports?

You need not upload any reports if you have not consulted any medical examiner for any investigation in the past. However, if you have consulted or done any medical tests or investigations in the past, you can upload those reports in the upload section or send the same to us in email or post. Please do highlight your Quotation ID or Transaction Number or Proposal Number when sending such documents for effective reference.

What should I do to reduce the Sum Assured / Cover in order to compensate for the additional premium due to be paid by me, due to my health condition ?

If you agree for the additional premium charged you can either pay the additional premium or reduce the cover to such an extent that you need not pay the additional premium. For reducing the Sum Assured, you only have to send an email to us, from the email ID registered with us on your proposal form, stating your consent for both the additional premium and reduction in Sum Assured.

Is the additional premium due to my health condition, a onetime payment?

No. The additional premium charged is not a onetime payment. This premium will be added to your basic premium and this will constitute the revised premium which you have to pay for the remaining term of your policy.

Am I required to carry any of my past medical reports?

If you have undergone any medical examination in the past, it is advisable to carry them.